Alexander McQueen Fall 2013 Ready-to-Wear Collection

by Melissa Tunstall


Sarah Burton knows a thing or two about dressing royalty. And historically the only rival to royal families in opulence could be the ecclesial world of yesteryear, which is what Burton used as inspiration for the Alexander McQueen ready-to-wear fall 2013 collection.

Having to show a smaller collection, only ten garments, due to the due date of her twins (congrats!), Burton didn’t let that stop her from putting out a collection that for lack of a better word simply wowed.  She also lucked out with her papal inspiration and the oddly topical nature of her inspiration.

Gems literally encased the models from the fishnet tights with pearls to the diamond encrusted head pieces. All ages of the church world were showcased: from the innocence of a communion dress to the heavily peplumed dress of a high fashion nun. Steering clear of the obvious choice of cardinal red, the collection stuck with black and white and embellishments. Oh were there embellishments. Shoes, tights, hats, belts, nothing was safe from being bejeweled.

Obviously, the collection sexed up some of the religious garb, but the major elements were there—even the collars.  The tailoring was exquisite and the details divine. One thing Alexander McQueen knows how to do is put on a show, and Sarah Burton did just that this collection.