Music Discovery: Big Old Big One

by Daniel Haim


Big Old Big One Presents: Dwight & Nicole.

Boston-based music blog ( produces and releases monthly music videos of national musical acts playing unplugged in various and unique locations.

The blog grabbed our attention after posting a video of Nicole Nelson of Dwight & Nicole, covering the amazing ‘Gulf Coast Highway’ by Nanci Griffith. Produced and edited by Eran Shaysh, (who also accompanies the duo on percussion in this video) their raw and stylish aesthetic combined with the stunning performance made this one of our favorites.

Since subscribing to their monthly updates, we have been introduced to many of tomorrow’s stars and other exciting acts. They are also committed to helping up and coming musicians find a voice and a quality representation of their live performance. Though obviously rooted in folk/Americana, Big Old Big One produces indie rock, funk, and classic R&B artists as well. Their fresh and exciting choice of artists in every production cements their reputation as a clear asset in the ever evolving music scene.

Nanci Griffith – Gulf Coast Highway (Nicole & Dwight).