Rehs Contemporary Gallery to host talents from Ani Art Academies.

by Daniel Haim

Anthony Waichulis, The Primary Gambit.

Anthony Waichulis, The Primary Gambit.

In less than a week Rehs Contemporary Galleries will open its doors to premiere “THE BIG GAMBLE”, a gallery exhibition featuring talents from the Ani Art Academies.

The show, which runs from April 6th through May 3rd, will feature the first significant concentration of works in New York City from The Ani Art Academies instructors, alumni and current apprentices. Throughout the month of May, will conduct interviews with a number of artists exhibiting in the show which will be featured on their website. These artist features will give the reader an opportunity to learn more about each of the artists: where they came from, what inspires them, and their hopes for the future.

“Contemporary works led the art market in 2012 and many place a great emphasis on shock value. We want to know what happened to the love, support, and celebration of technical skills and talent. When did the ultimate goal of perfecting the human body on paper become less important than spilled paint and scribbles on canvas? In life, you have little choice as to the cards you are dealt and it is up to you to know how to play them right. We believe that the artists from The Ani Art Academies were dealt royal flushes.”

Rehs Contemporary Gallery’s ultimate goal is to celebrate the good, the talented, and the skilled through a series of exhibitions featuring established, as well as up-and-coming, contemporary artists in the Academic field.

“We begin this series with an exhibition entitled, “THE BIG GAMBLE,” and chose this theme for a number of reasons. First, the whole idea of an exhibit in today’s art world (especially in New York City) that is academic in nature is a gamble in and of itself. Will people respond? Will they react? Will they come? Only time will tell.”

More importantly, Rehs Contemporary Gallery felt it was important to give the works in the exhibition a common thread. The participating artists (currently 32 in number) were asked to use the phrase, “THE BIG GAMBLE,” as inspiration for their work. Some chose to explore the theme quite literally, others took a humorous approach, and still others explored ideas that were more personal – reflecting a big gamble in their life (a choice or turning point that made life more interesting and fulfilling.. or not J). Whichever road the artist chose, we know you will be intrigued by the stories that inspired them.

“We had originally planned to show 30 works from 27 artists; however, with just a couple of weeks until the opening we now have over 40 works from 32 artists- and maybe a few surprises will show up before the 6th.” Among the participants in this inaugural exhibit are highly esteemed artists such as Anthony J. Waichulis (Director of The Ani Art Academies, Waichulis), Timothy W. Jahn (Director of The Ani Art Academies, Anguilla), Ed Dillon (Director of The Ani Art Academies, Dominican Republic), Tim Reynolds (Founder of the Ani Art Academies project), Helen Crispino, Brian O’Neill and Jay Davenport. In addition, young and talented student’s works will be exhibited; included are Deborah Lloyd’s first drawing Gamble Everything for Love and 15 year old Max Reynold’s Raising in the East and many more.

Be sure to visit for additional information regarding this special event in the coming months. Rehs Contemporary Galleries, Inc. is located at 5 East 57th Street, New York, NY 10022. For more information on the Ani Art Academies please visit and