“The Big Gamble” Show at Rehs Contemporary Galleries: A Packed House on 57th Street

The highly anticipated opening of Rehs Contemporary Galleries’ exhibit, “The BIG Gamble,” was beyond imagination. From the moment the doors opened at 11 am, visitors were filling the 8th floor gallery on 57th street. In addition to their in-house exhibit, Rehs Contemporary Galleries launched a virtual exhibit on their website, which was timed perfectly (both the physical and virtual exhibits will continue through May 3rd). Within the first hour, several pieces were sold including a major painting by Timothy Jahn entitled “Doc’s Take,” as well as works by Brandon Drake, Roger Long, and Sharon Hourigan.

Some of the Works that sold:

As the day progressed, visitors continued to pile in for a glimpse of the works on display (and some people could only catch a glimpse due to the crowds). “It was truly an incredible sight to see such a wonderful turnout after all the hard work that went into making this show possible,” said Lance Rehs of Rehs Galleries. “We could not have asked for much more, except maybe a few more sales,” he said with a smile. Don’t let that fool you.. by the end of the day 9 works had found new homes.

It is estimated that over 700 people attended the opening although an exact number could not be confirmed. According to Howard Rehs, at a certain time the crowds were so immense that keeping an accurate count was nearly impossible. Even more amazing is the fact that at around 1:30, the elevators in the building broke down (we would guess because of the high volume of traffic) and yet, people continued pouring in; Young and old were climbing up 8 flights of stairs to see the exhibition. The elevator issues continued throughout the afternoon, but people just kept coming.

It did not seem long until we were approaching the 6 pm closing time, yet visitors remained – filling the gallery. By 6:45 the crowds had dwindled and there was room to breathe. Lucky for us at Bloginity, we had the opportunity to sit down with some of the most talented artists featured in the show and learn more about them. It is always interesting to learn where an artist came from, what inspires them and where they hope to be in the future. Make sure to check back throughout the month to read about these incredible artists, only here at Bloginity.com.