Giorgio Armani’s a World Journey: Four Chefs from Four Corners

Giorgio Armani and the chefs of the four ArmaniRistorante - credits SGP

The first of a number of special events to celebrate the Armani universe of dining took place the other night at the Armani/Ristorante in Milan, which is located on the seventh floor of number 31 via Manzoni. The event was entitled: A World Journey : Four Chefs from Four Corners.

The remainder of this series will take place in Tokyo, Dubai and New York.

Photographed with Giorgio Armani are chefs Alessandro Salvatico (Armani Hotel Dubai), Fabio Bano (Armani/Ristorante 5th Avenue, New York), Francesco Mazzi (Armani/Ristorante Ginza, Tokyo) and Filippo Gozzoli (Armani Hotel Milan).