Good Reads
Let me tell you – you’re going to be feeling this music, in fact, I’ll guarantee that. Jorgen is just about to release his solo debut album Noir Syndrom this will be released sometime in mid February of 2010.
Now it’s not everyday that you come across a skateboarding, white rapper from Alabama who loves Old School Rock & Roll and has everyone from Raekwon to Juelz Santanato Slim Thug co-signing him. As a matter of fact, I’d wager to say you have never come across this before, but I bet you’re interested! Welcome to the wild wild world of Yelawolf.
As impressive as the first EP (I’m a Bird) was Jake Newton assures the deliverance of the second masterpiece that will surely tune your heart to the structure of which combines the following feelings all together: love, delicate, delight, and leaves you with a taste to needing more.
An optimist stays up until midnight to see the new year in. A pessimist stays up to make sure the old year leaves while Paul Birman assures that the year that has passed will remain reminiscent. Like they say “a good snapshot stops a moment from running away.”
It was not enough to just feature O’Spada’s exclusive tracks. I know this band will be shaking the world. Yes, for sure. And I’m here to make sure that you hear her brilliant voice.
Titiyo a Swedish mega star while the title of Sweden’s Queen of Soul might not seem one of modern music’s most coveted crowns but, in Sweden itself, there is little doubt that Titiyo not only merits all the acclaim lavished by her homeland, but that international acclaim has already demolished borders across much of Europe too.
Oren is definitely one of the most unique artists I’ve ever had the chance to speak with. His songs are like a piece of art, if it’s a massive overwhelming sculpture or if it’s a beautiful, colorful large canvaswhich he draws for you as he tells you the the words in each song. He has been blessed by this industry, in so many ways.
Kleerup produced a string of songs in 2007 for a veritable who’s who of Swedish pop — Roxette, the Cardigans, Shout Out Louds — as well as Mika and Just Jack. His self-titled debut album appeared in 2008 and included “With Every Heartbeat” feat Robyn as well as similarly-styled tracks with vocal performances from Lykke Li, Marit Bergman, half-sisters Neneh Cherry and Titiyo, and the Concretes’ Lisa Milberg.
In-trenched in the current singer-songwriter circle, Laura Jansen shines above the rest with her hypnotically angelic voice. On the Hotel Café tour with Priscilla Ahn, Ingrid Michaelson and Meiko, she took time from her hectic schedule to speak to us about her music and life on the road.
If you’ve never heard of them. Let me tell you, I can’t think of no other acoustic slash folk band I like to listen to more than this one. It really seems as if each single song glistens and shines with delightful and sincere vocal melodies and harmonies.
Butch Bradley was in the Comedy documentary a few years ago called “Open Mic” and I became an instant fan. His hyper-animated stage presence and hilarious observational humor and personal stories just pull you in!
The band members, who have been friends since their childhood days in Porthcawl, took a minute to sit down with us for an exclusive interview to speak about their UK tour, how the band got together, and much more.
This diamond in the rough has been compared to the likes of Mariah Carey,Leona Lewis & Whitney Houston. Not bad company to keep. Lisa is the real deal and deserving of these accolades.
There has been a lot of buzz about Wain these days; he has become a very accomplished writer, actor, and director. David is best known for the feature films Role Models, Wet Hot American Summer, and our favorite cult-followed show, Stella.
Brilliant singer/songwriter, Beth Rowley that comes to us from England, once had what we call “Little Dreams” and now became real and not so little anymore. Her album titled Little Dreamer has reached top 10 album in the UK. Now Beth is trying to conquer the US. It’s not going to be quite hard for her with such talent, combined with lyrics that are excellent – it’s pretty safe to give her a warm welcome.
It’s hard to find an artist that penetrates today’s music with an undeniable timeless quality in voice and authenticity like Wes Hutchinson. His songs are saturated with melody, heart felt lyrics, and music that bridges pop & rock sensibility.
Five years ago, Brett Dennen was a camp counselor who played guitar, wrote songs and performed fireside. With a self-made album, he began playing coffee shops along the West Coast and a devoted following formed.
When Leona Naess sings, you listen. Her lyrics are deep as the oceans floor, her singing is warm like a bowl of soup. Naess was born in New York City but raised in London, grew up in the Chelsea neighborhood of London.