Archives Wednesday, August 12th 2020
Last month Chris Brown released an interesting mixtape called Fan of a Fan, a collaboration with Tyga. I have to admit I have a shaky perception of Chris Brown. In fact, many of Chris Brown’s original songs seemed to lack any sort of “it” factor, despite his huge following. Eventually, he decided to grow up […]
Blake Lively looked striking in a monochrome and blue dress on the set of Gossip Girl. The actress was joined by her co-star Ed Westwick during filming for the new season. You can find Gossip Girl DVDs and on-demand episodes here.
Rhys Ifans gets dragged along for the ride at the Toy Story 3 premiere in London’s Leicester Square yesterday by his excited guest. Perhaps Rhys had to wear the sunglasses to protect his eyes from the bright Lego carpet.
Sheryl Crow seems happy to be spotted by the paparazzi as she leaves a TV studio in London. Being a mother-of-two must be having a positive effect on the 48-year-old singer as she looked toned, tanned and stylish on her visit to the UK capital to promote new album 100 Miles from Memphis.  You can […]
Heidi Klum is spotted taking her children on a day out to the Intrepid Museum in Manhattan, New York. The supermodel carried nine-month-old daughter Lou – her third child with husband Seal – in a papoose and the tot seemed to be interested in something different to the rest of the family.
Dannii Minogue’s boyfriend Kris Smith took his Twitter page to show off a new photo of the couple’s 13-day-old baby Ethan. In the photo Ethan can be seen sleeping in a stylish Ralph Lauren hat, and in the accompanying post Kris wrote: “Sleeping peacefully, Ethan was amazing as always today… Such a good boy just […]
The naturally sloping site inspired the idea of a focal stair core wrapped by private areas and topped by a dramatic skylight, bathing the interiors in natural light and forming a direct link between through the private spaces on the entry level  and the upper-level public spaces. The central stair core also creates a strong […]
In the words of fashion photographer Fulvio Maiani, his goal in capturing stunning scenes is to reach as many people as he can with his images. And given the quality, it shouldn’t be too lofty a goal.
Go behind the scenes with Maroon 5 on the set of their “Misery” video in downtown Los Angeles. Front man Adam Levine and bassist Mickey Madden talk to CNN about shooting the action packed video and how recording with Mutt Lange influenced the sound of their third studio album. “Misery” is available to download here […]
Rick Ross has been through a lot lately, what with the lawsuit leveled against him by a jailed drug dealer that shares his name threatening to cut into his revenues. However, Ross should register a victory outside of the courtroom on Tuesday, when his latest album, Teflon Don, hits stores.  According to Ross, the key […]
When I browsed past The King of Kong: A Fist Full of Quarters on my Netflix account on the 360 (instant queue is a beautiful thing isn’t it?) I thought I was about to watch a smart indie film about a classic video game. But what I got was something more. Steve Wiebe (pronounced: Weebee) […]
Diddy and Dr. Dre are proud to bring you their best collaborative effort yet –Diddybeats. According to the dynamic duo of musical perfection, Diddybeats are “the future of sound,” and there are no finer judges of that than Diddy and Dre.
Right before Lindsay Lohan checked into rehab in an attempt to avoid jail, she wrapped this photo shoot for German GQ.
This just in: Fred the Godson has dropped the official video for “So Crazy” featuring eye candy in straightjackets and cameo appearances from Fat Joe and Cory Gunz. Check it out below!  You can find Fred the Godson downloads here.
A Reception attendee looks at various works by Henri Matisse on display at the opening reception for Matisse: Radical Invention 1913-1917 at the The Museum of Modern Art on July 13, 2010 in New York City.
Oceana connects! Just as the ocean connects continents, this young singer joins soul music of the ’60s with modern beats and contemporary texts. Oceana connects black to white, funk to soul, modern soul to jazz and pop.
The show was an unashamed tribute to glamor, with models holding cigarettes in cigarette holders and donning turbans while wearing beautiful creations in a myriad of dark shades, although black was the dominating force in the collection.
Ringo Starr of The Beatles turned 70 today, and his request for presents was quite simple: the drummer asked fans to flash peace signs and say the words “Peace and Love” at noon. I guess that makes Ringo the only person to effectively promote world peace. Ringo was born Richard Starkey and is the oldest of […]
Big Boi finally delivered his long-awaited solo album, Sir Lucious Left Foot: The Son of Chico Dusty this week (download here) and between promoting his current collection, working on a follow-up, Daddy Fat Sax (slated to be released late 2011), and juggling a handful of other projects, he’s got a lot on his hands.  Big Boi is […]
Scarlett Johansson, one of the most internationally famous actresses of the moment, has once again placed herself under the orders of the photographer Mario Sorrenti to star in the new MANGO campaign for the Autumn Winter 2010-2011.
Alyssa Monks’s work explores narrative figuration. Currently she is playing with the tension between abstraction and realism in the same work, using different filters to visually distort and disintegrate the body.
July 4th is usually a great day for eating champ Takeru Kobayashi — he traditionally competes in the Nathan’s International Hot Dog Eating Contest on Coney Island, New York.  This year, things weren’t so hot — the eating champ was arrested at the contest. The issue at hand — Kobayashi rushed onto the stage at the contest, even […]
Kanye West is right — he has haters everywhere. The latest – rapper Vince P, who claims that Kanye’s Grammy-winning song, “Stronger,” is a rip-off of one of his own.
To call Natalia Kills a musician is, honestly, a bit laughable. That’s because the stunning and talented phenom is infinitely more than just a producer of ear candy.
Want to get Gaga on your iPod Touch, iPad or iPhone?  Having her audio tracks is one thing, but Lady Gaga Revenge is in a league of its own.  This addictively fun App offers the distinctive style and unique sounds of Lady Gaga integrated into the classic Tap Tap Revenge series.  Lady Gaga Revenge is like Guitar Hero for your […]