Elliott Morgan

A gorgeous selection of fashion forward images that were exclusively shot for Bloginity by Elliott Morgan, and star four incredibly beautiful models, Leonie, Anya Barker, Rose Ellis and Sisel.

Without spilling too much information about what we’re doing, both Elliott Morgan and I have collaborated on an upcoming project to produce content for Bloginity.com.

Not too shabby for a university dropout barely in his 20s. Daniel has a chat with London based photographer Elliott Morgan about what makes him tick, his skin deep love of Nikon and his upcoming projects.

Ben Barnes, one of the stars of the film Killing Bono, glances at his laptop which I’m tapping away on, trying to find some mood music for the morning. Aside from the entire Beatles catalog, , his music taste veers between the soulful tones of John Legend to the warbling of Christina Aguilera. It’s a […]

IDOL Magazine is fast becoming one of the UKs most popular online magazines after only being launched in February last year and has reached audiences throughout the world including America, Europe, Japan and Hong Kong. We focus on the creative world of fashion, music, arts and culture whilst focusing on the ‘Go Getter’ generation. We […]